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Monday, March 29, 2010

The engine is a John Maher Racing 2007cc motor with 9.1 to 1 compression , FK8 cam , CB Street Eliminator 42 x37.5 mm valved heads . it made 152 HP on the JMR dyno .

The engine had only done 1500 miles , and such damage is gutting , but goes to show what an incorrectly layed up engine can do . The car was taken off the road and garaged in 1998 , and the owner Chris , started it periodically , every 6 months or so , but less frequently in the last few years as the fuel lines had perished and leaked when the electric fuel pump started . A guy from Ireland had expressed an interest in the car before Ivan bought it , and the car had been started after a long period by someone the guy from Ireland sent over to look at the car . it is likely the damage ocured then .

If you are going to lay an engine up for such a long period of time , then the best thing to do is remove the rockers , seal the rocker covers on completely . Remove the carbs and just fit the spark plugs finger tight . Then fill the engine to the maximum mark on the dipstick , then add 2.5 litres . This had the effect of sitting the cam , lifters and lifter bores in oil , protecting them from drying out . When you do want to spin the engine over , take the plugs out , diconnect the fuel pump so fuel doesn't spew out , and crank the engine . With plugs out and rockers off , the engine will spin quickly , getting oil to the bearings super quickly . But no damage to the cam , lifters or lifter bores will occur as they are sat in oil .

If the person that had started the engine before Ivan had bought the car had gone through this routine , and left the engine overfilled for a few days before cranking over , the oil soaking into the lifter bores , may have unstuck the lifter and saved the damage from happening in the first place .


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