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The JG54 'Green Hearts'* are a club for hardcore Cal-Look Volkswagens. Cars in the club must run quicker than 15.99 seconds in the 1/4 mile. The original JG54 '* Gr├╝nherz' were the elite Messerschmitt squadrons in World War II. Some of the highest scoring flying aces were in the JG54. This Blog shows the JG54 club cars and other cal-look inspired pictures/comments... MAC USERS PLEASE USE SAFARI TO VIEW SITE... . FOR MORE PICTURES - CHECK THE ARCHIVES (TO THE RIGHT)...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gary Richards' 67

After successfully bushing Ivan's lifter bores yesterday , today it was Gary's engine case turn . The engine for Gary's 67 looker , is a 2165 cc 48IDA Ripper . The engine was in another car that Gary had bought from fellow Grunherz club member Tim " Coldplay " Cooper . Gary sold that car on , but kept the engine . And he bought the 67 ( pic's further down on the blog ) that he has been working on , from Alex Taylor . The 2165 has got about 50,000 miles on it now , with a couple of top end freshen ups over this time , and a new cam and lifters a few thousand miles ago ( FK10 & CB 30mm lightweight lifters ) .

Before fitting into his new 67 , Gary asked if we could go right through the engine to make sure it was as good as it can be . The valve guides were a little worn , these are being fitted with Cosworth inserts , and having a valve seat job by Jim at Stateside Tuning , on his brand new Serdi valve seat machine .

Three of the lifter bores were a little worn on Gary's case , so we decided to bush the case while we were set up to do Ivan's .

We pushed the lifter sleeves a little way in to start with the Bridgeport mill head , to start them off straight , then they were tapped home with a specially made to fit the sleeve drift . A little bearing fit Loctite was used to guarantee no movement of the bushes once fitted .


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